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The New Holistic Retirement
Emerging Risks for American Savers ... and How to Overcome Them With Long Game Thinking

Concerned about the success of your retirement approach in the post-COVID era? Worried about decisions in Washington impacting your retirement plans?

Then The New Holistic Retirement is for you. Learn ways to help protect and position your retirement assets for long-term success no matter what future market and tax conditions may be. This book delivers the knowledge and confidence you need to help achieve the fulfilling retirement you deserve.

About Janet Pack

With 32 years of experience working with retirees and pre-retirees, Janet is a financial and retirement income specialist that focuses on complete, personalized retirement plans. Janet understands that today's markets can be turbulent and puts an extra emphasis on ensuring returns outpace inflation, which provides income for life.

She has guided thousands of families thru the process of retirement and asset transference. In the advisor world she is unique, as she understands that every person has their own specific needs, goals and desires. That's why she creates plans that are specifically designed for each individual client and/or situation.

Janet believes that knowledge equals power, and she believes in empowering her clients, so they feel confident in making the right decision for themselves and their families.

Her Sunday radio show "Smart Retirement Radio" has topped the charts in the Seattle area for 5 years.

Janet Pack, ChFEBC

Founder & CEO

Don't Let Your IRA Be An IOU to the IRS

Eliminate the Silent Partner in Your Retirement - the IRS - & Gain Control of Your Taxes In Retirement

It's easier to save $10,000 in taxes in retirement than it is to generate $10,000 more in retirement income. Have you addressed your tax strategy for retirement or will the IRS get more than their fair share? "The New Holistic Retirement" is a leading book on creating retirement income that works for you - not the IRS.

Request your free copy of "The New Holistic Retirement" today to learn about the strategies you can implement in your own retirement plan to help keep more of your hard-earned money!


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